Physical and Neurological Rehabilitation in Virtual Reality

Therapies specially created for and by the healthcare ecosystem that unify the best Virtual Reality experience with medical devices that allow us to perform objective measurements of the patient.

Simulation of patient ADL tasks, addressing specific variables through highly immersive and interactive exercises and experiences.

Performing objective measurements and biomechanical analysis of the patient through medical devices.

Reproduction of a wide range of situations and environments with modulation of environmental stimulation.

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Virtual Reality

High-definition, high-interaction environments, exercises and experiences that seek to reproduce real experiences.

Session analysis

The software includes a module that offers the possibility of analyzing the work done session by session or the extraction of evolutionary graphs for each variable.

Medical Devices

Our system integrates biomedical devices to perform measurements on users in isolation or while performing virtual reality exercises.

“Evidence Based” exercises

Designs attend to or are inspired by models with scientific evidence trying to maximize impact.

Reports and processed data

The system offers the possibility of automatically extracting reports and adapts the information for easy understanding.

Modular use

The modules of the system can be used in a specific way, allowing measurements and/or exercises in RV to be performed simultaneously or in isolation.

vídeo realidad virtual en hospital de guadarrama

The technological solution to address the consequences of stroke and Acquired Brain Damage

The deficits caused by this type of disease constitute a new epidemic and one of the most important socio-health problems.


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