Much more than a Virtual Reality (VR) software


Why choose Exeira?

Exeira is a complete high-tech solution designed for the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of both traumatological and neurological patients (affected by Acquired Brain Injury, mostly Stroke and its derived pathologies).


The Exeira solution consists of a software or desktop application that integrates and gamifies different therapies in virtual reality; and hardware devices that allow measurements and biomechanical assessments of patients while working with them. This generates objective data applicable in motivated reports, as well as in the generation of evolutionary statistics.



Our patient module provides you with a comprehensive and efficient tool to manage your patients’ information, ensuring a comprehensive approach to their care and allowing you to make informed decisions based on concrete data.


Objective data is collected through capture systems by means of the measurement systems integrated in the system.


The analysis module collects and evaluates all the data collected during the work sessions with the patients, both from the evaluation systems and from the virtual reality sessions. This allows the issuance of specific or evolutionary reports based on the information collected with the system.

VR Therapy

Through virtual reality, different situations, activities, actions and processes of real life are simulated in a controlled environment, whose objectives and methodology are aligned with the therapeutic objectives and needs of the patient and the rehabilitation team. Each of the exercises has a series of associated difficulties that seek to have the highest level of adaptation for users.

VR exeira

Gamified therapies in Virtual Reality based on scientific methodology


  • Easy-to-use VR
  • High definition environments
  • Activity logs
  • Integration with sensors
  • Adaptation of difficulty level

Performs biomechanical measurements and generates objective data

In addition to virtual reality, the Exeira solution is composed of different sensing and monitoring devices such as surface electromyography (EMG) and motion capture sensors, which help to accurately evidence the patient’s joint range of movement (ROM) and muscle activation patterns for a more precise analysis of functional movements.



Surface electromyography (EMG)

Evaluation of the electrical activity of muscles by placing electrodes on the surface of the skin. These electrodes pick up electrical signals generated by muscle contraction and relaxation.

Motion Capture System


Motion Capture System (MCS)

Biomechanical evaluation of human movement to detect muscle imbalances and improve movement technique in patients with injuries or disabilities.


Virtual reality in the field of rehabilitation has a strong scientific evidence base supported by numerous scientific studies and articles. This research has consistently demonstrated the benefits and efficacy of virtual reality in improving motor function, cognitive rehabilitation, pain and stress reduction, as well as improving treatment adherence.

Incorporate Exeira in your center in these simple steps


What does 'gamification' mean?

Gamification is the process of applying game elements and techniques in non-game contexts in order to improve people’s participation, engagement and learning. It consists of using game mechanics, dynamics and elements, such as rewards, challenges, competitions and narratives, to motivate individuals and encourage their active participation in certain activities.  

In the case of virtual reality (VR) gamification applied to the healthcare sector for patient rehabilitation, virtual reality technologies are used to create interactive and engaging virtual environments that aid in the recovery process of patients. 

What types of patients can be treated with Exeira?

Exeira’s solutions have a wide applicability in the field of rehabilitation, especially in neurology and traumatology. Our innovative technology allows us to effectively address a variety of neurological conditions and pathologies, mainly those resulting from stroke or stroke-related conditions such as hemiparesis, aphasia, apraxia, or cognitive disorders.   

In addition, our virtual reality therapies are highly beneficial in the field of traumatology, for postoperative rehabilitation, recovery from musculoskeletal injuries and improvement of mobility and motor function.   

At Exeira we are committed to providing personalized and cutting-edge solutions to improve the quality of life of patients, providing healthcare professionals with an immersive and effective therapeutic tool. 

Is the Exeira solution certified as a medical device?

Yes, Exeira solution is officially accredited as a medical device by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices. 

What do I need to start working with Exeira?

To incorporate Exeira as a tool in your rehabilitation therapies you only need an open space in which to carry them out. We take care of the rest; we do an initial training and provide you with everything you need to start working: virtual reality glasses, a computer, and the medical devices you have decided to incorporate in your solution (force platform, motion capture system, surface electromyography…).   

Once you have started, we will actively monitor you on a weekly basis to make sure you get the most out of it and integrate it properly into your therapies. 

Can I request a specific customized virtual reality therapy or a modification to an existing one?

Of course. At Exeira we are constantly developing new virtual reality gamifications, as well as incorporating improvements and updates to existing ones, always based on your feedback as users. Also, to request something more specific just contact us, and together we will study the best way to carry it out. 

How do I purchase the Exeira solution?

The Exeira solution is purchased on an annual subscription basis. We will provide you with a user license so that you can use our solution as many times as you need. 

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